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Journey To The Belly of The Ship

Jack has a bloody debt to pay! He forfeited his soul to the infamous Davey Jones, a supernatural ruler of the seven seas. In a way to lure Jack to his watery grave, Davey Jones has stolen his treasure and captured Elisabeth. The treasure and Elisabeth are being held in the most dangerous part of Davey Jones ship. Jack has sent you and your teammates on a dangerous journey to retrieve the gold and save Elisabeth. You will have 60 minutes before Davey Jones finds out about the rescue mission and comes back for revenge, but you and the ever-crafty Jack will not go down without a fight.
($26 per person + tax)

CSI: Coastal Bend

Shots fired! Shots fired… at the hideout of the Coastal Bend’s most notorious crime boss. There’s a shooter on the loose but the murder weapon was left behind. You are the new Crime Scene Investigation team and all eyes are on you! You have 60 minutes to crack the case before they realize their mistake, return to the scene, and more shots are fired!
($26 per person + tax)

The Jungle

What is happening...???  A mysterious brain disease is sweeping the nation and the whole world seems to have gone mad!  The main symptom?  Fighting with strangers on the internet!  It seems no one is safe from this brain disease!
The good news:  Your friend Professor Flora has found the antidote, deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle.  The bad news:  She has gone missing and now it is up to you to find the antidote she left behind... before you catch the disease too!
($26 per person + tax)

Fallout Shelter

Are you there... over. Please respond... over. It's the end of the world. And you find yourself locked in a fallout shelter. There are plenty of supplies to last you and your group awhile. But that's where the good news ends. You discover a problem with the oxygen supply and realize you must escape the shelter in 60 minutes. Luckily there are clues to help you make it out before you and your group are... over.
($26 per person + tax)
11th Hour Escape Room Puzzle


Immerse yourself with those closest to you in a new type of live-action adventure game
11th Hour Escape Corporate Team Building


Challenge your co-workers to collaborate and work together to escape and succeed
11th Hour Escape Parties & Celebrations


Throw a unique bash - ideal for birthdays, girls night out or bachelor & bachelorette parties
11th Hour Escape Visitors


Try our puzzle rooms for something different on vacation or bring travelers for a good time